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Tony Gilyard has prepared more bird trophies -- both in total mounts and number of species -- than any other taxidermist in Florida. His experience and expertise assure his clients of complete satisfaction time after time. That’s why I’ve entrusted him with my own trophy birds for more than 20 years. From my first drake wood duck to the most recent prize in my collection - a piebald/albino coot - Tony has been the man for the job.

He is the former owner of the nationally acclaimed Tony’s Artistic Taxidermy, and two-time President of the National Taxidermists Association. He now limits his artistry to the arena of the animal world he has always found to be most fascinating – birds.

Why trust your trophies to any other taxidermist when you can have them done by Florida’s best and most highly honored bird specialist? Tony’s work displays detail that comes only after decades of experience. It also reflects his first-hand knowledge of bird life, acquired through a lifetime of studying and hunting birds in the Americas and around the world.

The stunning examples of artistic taxidermy on these pages represent some of the most popular poses. If you don’t see what you have in mind, don’t worry. Tony can work with you to capture the exact look you’re after.

If you drop off your trophies in person at the Williston studios, you’re in for a real treat. Tony’s private “Museum” features one of the largest and most complete exhibits of the world’s waterfowl to be found anywhere. Examine rare species and one-of-a-kind oddities such as wild, hybrid ducks (picture a wood duck/redhead cross) and rare dual-sex ducks with male and female plumage. The collection of non-game birds and upland game birds is extensive and ranges from the world’s smallest hummingbird to ornately plumed pheasant, parrots and ocellated turkeys.

Over 40 years of practice has allowed Tony to refine the mounting process to the most time efficient system possible, while still preserving his benchmark quality. The result is world-class taxidermy at surprisingly affordable rates. The final reward will be a mount that can be viewed and exhibited to others with ever-increasing enjoyment for years to come.

David Dunaway – Friend and one of many satisfied “collection” clients.  


“After 20 years, they still look as good as the day I picked them up!”








We are a USDA certified taxidermy facility and can handle all details associated with importation of trophy birds or animals.


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